Desinfection Systems AERO UV

Desinfection Systems AERO UV:


The device is equipped with ultraviolet lamps and is designed for non-contact disinfection of all types of hand luggage, baggage and cargo in the checkpoints, office buildings and other essential places. The location of the lamps inside the device guarantees the irradiation of the object from all sides, the built-in fan ensures the disinfection of the circulating air. These systems are ideal for installation above the entrance or exit roller tables or tunnels of inspection systems of any model and type, which allows you to combine inspection with the neutralization of viruses, fungi and pathogenic objects

  • Works great with minimal power consumption
  • Does not require the use/replacement of disinfection liquid
  • Easy installation does not require any design changes or adjustments to inspection systems
  • Progres-1 operation does not affect the speed and quality of inspection
  • Does not require special knowledge in operation


Disinfection system for any type of luggage and cargo at security checkpoints, trolleys for airports and supermarkets. Equipped with disinfecting UV lamps. Disinfection system is absolutely suitable for installation above the entrance / exit conveyors of any type of X-RAY systems.
Installation of the system does not require any changes in the design and settings of X-RAY systems, and its construction and components do not have any impact on the operation, performance and quality of inspection of X-RAY.

  • Does not require the use of disinfectants
  • High performance (~5sec/bag)
  • Plug & play technology
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Power requirements 220V/50Hz/0.2kW
  • Different sizes – on request
  • Color and logo - on request